“Zykina’s nephew disappeared without a trace”: Julian spoke about the fate of the singer’s heirs


– There was no organized ceremony, – says the singer Yulian. We were all at different times. The constant assistant and director of Lyudmila Georgievna Tanya Svinkova arrived the very first. Cleaned up on the grave, put flowers. She comes here very often. It is a pity that the cemetery has its own rules, and it is not allowed to plant flowers here. Only relatives can do this. But no one will forbid to clean up! By our arrival, everything was already clean – during her lifetime, Lyudmila Georgievna loved order in everything. Ksyusha Rubtsova arrived, thanks to whom a beautiful monument was erected on the grave. The singer Nadezhda Krygina came along with the musicians who had worked with Zykina.​

They were waiting for Zykina’s relatives at the cemetery, but they never showed up. Surrounded by Zykina, they assure: they only needed an inheritance.

“In fact, Zykina has no relatives,” Julian sighs. – Niece Katya was either killed, or she died in some mysterious way at the end of last year. The whereabouts of Sergei’s nephew, who got all the diamonds of Lyudmila Georgievna, still no one knows. A few years ago, he simply disappeared without a trace. Many of us tried to call him and somehow find him through friends. No – how he sank into the water! All attempts were in vain. Disappeared with the diamonds.

From the personal archive of the singer Julian

Julian stayed at the grave of Zykina for more than an hour. The singer, who was friends with the great artist during her lifetime, rejoiced: ordinary people do not forget about Lyudmila Georgievna.

– I am glad that Lyudmila Georgievna is remembered, – the singer continues. – While I was at the Novodevichy Cemetery, people constantly came, I spoke with them. Everyone unanimously said: “Such singers are born once in a hundred years, but remain for all time in history and generations!”

Relatives of Zykina only complain that, unlike ordinary fans, the memory of the great singer is not honored on television.

On our channels, Lyudmila Georgievna’s performances could be shown more often, – Julian sighs. But she’s not on the air. It’s a pity: they could have shown at least a concert on the federal channel on the day of death.

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