Yulia Takshina celebrates her birthday: “I’m afraid to get a ball in the face”


– Not all of your colleagues like to celebrate a birthday, but what is your attitude to such an event?

“Birthday is always a holiday, for me anyway. I was born in July. As a rule, it’s always good weather, I don’t even remember it raining. Usually my birthday takes place either on the set, or in the country, or at the sea, and this is always interesting. I have never had a boring birthday. This year I was invited to a mega-show related to cooking and theater at the same time. I have no idea what it is, but I look forward to this day.

– And how are the festivities going, if your holiday falls on a shooting day? What do you remember about the last one?

– For example, I somehow flew to the shooting after a sleepless night on the plane and was very tired. I didn’t tell anyone that I had a holiday, and no one on the set reminded me of this. But during the filming of the next scene, the director burst in with a cap on his head, with a cake, flowers. The film crew, about 70 people, began to shout in chorus: “Happy birthday!” It was insanely nice, because I didn’t plan anything like that and didn’t advertise it. This, of course, is not forgotten. Fatigue, of course, vanished. And then, when they shot the last frame, the producers set the table. This is rarely seen, because the filming process is really very difficult, and at the end, of course, everyone usually wants to go home to sleep.

– What gifts did Yulia Takshina remember most of all?

– These are, of course, the funniest, cutest little things that were made by the hands of children when they were still small. I remember we were vacationing in Montenegro. Seven-year-old Vanya and five-year-old Fedya got up early in the morning, went and picked wildflowers, which I love very much. But in Montenegro there is a problem with this: there are no fields, and it is almost impossible to find my favorite daisies. She and dad went to the mountains, and when I opened my eyes in the morning, my two little children were standing in front of me with bouquets of wild flowers. It made an indelible impression on me. I realized that I have two beautiful men growing up.

Do expensive presents happen in your life? Like apartments and Maybachs that some of our stars boast about? …

“Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, no one gave me apartments or Maybachs. Maybe they will give it some more – there is still time (laughs). I live in a rather simple, pleasant society where it is not customary to give each other diamonds. It’s not about the value of the gift. Sometimes, a book donated on time is more valuable than an apartment or a Maybach. I had a difficult period in my life many years ago, then I was presented with the book “Unholy Saints”, which turned my life 180 degrees. It was like I became a completely different person. I have other goals and objectives in life, I have become much happier and spiritually richer.

– Who usually cooks for all the guests in your family?

– Usually we celebrate either in a restaurant or invite catering. Although my mother and sisters are excellent housewives, unlike me. They take on this burden. And I can usually express a wish, what I would like to treat on this day. At the same time, I like to cook, but for a large company I always have assistants.

Will your family be there on your birthday?

– My mother and children are now on vacation in Sochi. But I also have relatives: dad, brother and many friends and acquaintances who will be with me on this day. Well, the children with their mother will be with me via video link.

By the way, how is their summer going?

– Sons are now fond of volleyball, they do it every day: be it Moscow or Sochi. They have a beautiful platform on the seashore right in the middle of the Olympic venues. An already established team from last year, so we didn’t even consider other options for the holidays. Starting from five in the evening, athletes gather there every day. And, of course, children see all this, they like the sports spirit. This is a great alternative to sitting in iPads and iPhones. The boys also swim in the sea. In general, they will play volleyball there until the end of the summer.

Do you play too?

— No, I’m afraid. Maybe the ball will fly in the face – I can’t afford it yet (smiles).

– What kind of sport do you do?

– Film set” is called my sport (laughs). Now I’m filming in the Balabol project, where every shift is chases, martial arts, fights, shooting. I thought that since I was dancing, it would be easy for me to do it. But it turned out that martial arts, for example, is a separate sport that needs to be practiced. With kondachka, it doesn’t come so easily.

– Recently, Sochi has gained particular popularity among tourists. Some even buy apartments to come every year. Do you live in an apartment there?

– We do not have an apartment in Sochi, we live in a hotel. Last year, friends invited us to their hotel in Adler, and there we found this wonderful sports ground. And this year I booked rooms in another hotel. I do everything in advance, because every year the children go to the sea, and I usually know where we will go before January 10th.

— So, can you advise our readers to book in advance?

— This is certainly convenient, because there is more choice, but a lot depends on the person and his situation. It is worth booking if you are one hundred percent sure of your plans for the summer. So I know that you need to buy gifts for the new year much earlier, and still every year I do it on December 31 – even if you crack! At the same time, every year I make a vow to myself that this is not necessary. As for the price of a hotel in Sochi, the cost was very good, I think, but I don’t even want to compare with current prices. I closed this question for myself back in January. This year, the eldest had an OGE, so we went for two months, and next, I think, for the whole summer. And for such a long period, of course, I am looking for a hotel with an acceptable price tag.

– In conclusion, I would like to ask you, what would you wish yourself on this birthday?

– I would like to wish myself and all of us that everyone be healthy, and that we live in a comfortable and calm atmosphere, in a world without surprises, let’s say so. These are such simple truths, but they are so important to everyone now.

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