YouTube will block users from watching videos with an ad blocker


The YouTube video service will close access to the service to those users who use ad blockers. About this service representatives declared in an interview with The Verge. Users will receive three warnings, after which access to the service will be closed to them.

The company notes that other Internet resources are also able to recognize ad blockers and ask users to turn them off. The new feature is currently being tested as a “small global experiment,” according to a YouTube spokesperson. Users of the service with ad blockers will be prompted to upgrade to YouTube Premium, and they will also be able to complain if they were accidentally disconnected from watching videos.

YouTube continues to test new ad formats, including in-roll non-skippable ad breaks and half-minute in-video ads for smart TVs. For the first time about intention YouTube to block the viewing of videos with ad blockers became known in May 2023. In Russia, due to sanctions, there is no advertising in YouTube videos.

Evgeny Fedunenko

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