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The Russian company Yandex announced that the YandexGPT neural network now works much faster – if earlier it took about ten seconds to wait for a response, now users will see the beginning of the response within a couple of seconds after the request. You can also ask the AI ​​to format the text or make some part bold.

After seeing the beginning of the request, the user can cancel or refine it if it doesn’t fit the task. The function is available in Alice’s “Let’s think of it” mode. Users can also ask the AI ​​to style headings, quotes and code, italicize part of the text or make it bold. Also, Alice is now on the pages of Yandex search results. After finding the right information, users can immediately create texts based on it in a chat with AI. Previously YandexGPT learned summarize the text up to 30,000 characters long, also “Yandex” opened access to YandexGPT beta testing for companies.

Evgeny Fedunenko

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