Washington Post: minefields forced the Armed Forces to change tactics


Minefields on the Zaporizhzhia front have exposed the vulnerabilities of armored personnel carriers and tanks delivered to Ukraine, writes the Washington Post.

The publication clarifies that the American Bradley combat vehicles and German Leopard tanks were to become the main striking force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the counteroffensive. However, the Russian defense, with the help of minefields, successfully stops the attacks of the Ukrainian army.

In particular, it is noted that after a mine explosion, the landing force and crew mostly survive, but these vehicles cannot cope with the Russian defense alone.

As a result, the Ukrainian army had to change its strategy. Instead of trying to break through with the equipment provided by the Western Allies, “the units move forward slowly, on foot.”

The publication cites a comment by a Ukrainian official who said that Kyiv received less than 15% of the promised amount of demining equipment and engineering equipment. Some of that equipment only arrived last week, the source added.

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