Vsevolod Shilovsky – 85: tragedy with comedy


Shilovsky’s memoirs are generally a one-man theater. He shows the “old people” with such love, carefully, sensitively … They somehow accepted him all, called him a “young talent”, listened to him, still a young man, obeyed him as a director.

According to Shilovsky, they were people of some special, separate breed, of the highest brand – yes, of course, with their own characteristics, nuances. In these numbers, scenes, they come to life, come out of theatrical history, become very close people to us. This, in addition to attitude, is also due to the highest skill of Vsevolod Shilovsky.

I was lucky to be at his house – this is a joyful communication. And what an artist!

Shilovsky has few roles in the cinema, and there are almost no main ones. But how does he do these little roles of his! “Does” is not entirely accurate. Lives, reincarnates, changes human nature.

Its director is Pyotr Todorovsky: that’s who understood, felt, saw the limitless possibilities of Shilovsky. In the “Military Romance” he is a retired sailor, with a slanting fathom in his shoulders, he takes Burlyaev and lifts him into a light, like a victory post. The weight is taken, the rival in pure love is taken away, but what a terrible pain of unrequited love, an unaccounted attempt, loneliness … He lost, but how worthy!

And in the “Beloved Woman of the Mechanic Gavrilov” – Pasha. “You are very good, Pasha,” Gurchenko is to him. Again lonely, timid, indistinct. “Carefully!” – when she with her head – about his cherished, hanging plate for decoration. “Forgive me, Pasha.” And he comes, unrolls the damned plate so neatly wrapped and smashes it to smithereens. Here Shilovsky in the episode plays an incredible transformation of a little man.

In “Intergirl” – the father. In general, this is a role from Dostoevsky, from Karamazov the father and from all the brothers at once – Alyosha, Mitya, Ivan. Something that is not forgotten and twists the heart.

What an artist! Separate, unlike anyone else, smart, tragedy with comedy.

Bravo, artist!


“Legs! Girl, girl, what’s your name? – “Tanya”. – “And me – Fedya!” – “Well, you fool!” (“Gentlemen of Fortune”).

The key word here is legs. I’m talking about “Match TV”, if anyone does not understand. I watch the morning program “All for the Match!” — and I just lose my head. I feel something rise in me, and I don’t even understand what. For those who do not watch: there are presenters – a girl-boy, a couple. Well, we will leave the boy to an amateur, but the girl …

What girls! Sexy beauties! (True, the best of them, Sofia Tartakova, head of tennis, for her special opinion on the current situation, was removed from the channel for no reason.) And the most interesting thing is that almost all of them are undressed. No, they are dressed, and even very stylish, but how! These mini, revealing everything that is hidden! Oh, what legs, how good! And the knees! What goals-points-seconds are there when such knees! I immediately remembered something from the pioneer camp, childish, yard: “… And I kiss your tender knees, dear lazybones, get up quickly, look at the foam on the cream …” Did you think we sang “Fly up the bonfires …” there? Yes, my childhood plays in one place.

But seriously, speaking like a TV critic (although a TV critic is also a person, and nothing human…), this is how the male audience is attracted to the Match. Yes, all means are good. No, but within the rules, decorum. “You don’t do anything at all, just walk back and forth.”

Their creative producers know their stuff. “Well, what about the girls? And the girls – then. Never! At my not young age, I only think about the legs. And it’s wonderful! Am I a man or where? ..

However, why should only men like knees? What about women? Oh, I forgot that we are a country of highly spiritual bonds. We have boys on the right, girls on the left, like in the army. Men pay attention exclusively to women’s knees, and women – to men’s. Or something above the knees. That’s what is above the knees, and there is our most important spiritual bond. Wow, some Freud…

No, seriously, let’s talk about erotica on TV. It seems that we are rapidly rushing somewhere in the 30s of the last century. Where it was so decorously, nobly. Soon, for the delight of our seeking libido, only knees will remain. But then our deeply moral Orthodox Sharia will cover them too.

But before … Oh, it’s better not to remember. They showed absolutely everything that moves. And “Caligula”, and “Empire of the Senses”, and all Tinto Brass on “Ren TV” without cuts. And “About This” with the magnificent Hanga on the idea of ​​Parfyonov. So they wanted to prove that there is still sex in the USSR. Erotica in such a magical way turned into something that is faster, higher, stronger … We will not name it out loud.

And now… Now we are so modest, shy, highly spiritual. Women’s charms in films blur, hatch … Exactly hatch! But this is not so bad – in extreme cases, you can turn on the fantasy, and we have it hoo! To fantasize, comrades, no one has forbidden yet …

Only now I’m watching the other day once again “Intergirl” of my beloved Pyotr Efimovich Todorovsky. I can turn it on from anywhere, I know by heart. And here is a scene by Yakovleva with a Japanese. I remember Todorovsky told how he conjured over her, invented, set up the light, the camera. Well, there the chandelier is swinging, the fish in the aquarium are swinging, and so, and so, and so on and so forth … Beautiful, you will swing. And here I am, looking forward to it. And there is no scene. Cut out! Stunned. In the Soviet Union, it was possible and necessary, but now … A holy man, the highest professional with impeccable taste, Todorovsky, who went through the whole war, filmed it, and some current television gray mice, spiritual impotents, who probably watch porn under the covers at night, took and turned off the great scene from the air. It’s sad girls!

That left only bare knees. Watch and remember. Maybe you see them on TV for the last time.

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