Vladimir Presnyakov dedicated the song “A Stewardess named Zhanna” to a real person


Vladimir Presnyakov admitted that he dedicated the hit “A flight attendant named Zhanna” to a real flight attendant

The famous singer Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. told who the hit “A flight attendant named Zhanna” was actually dedicated to. Writes about it Prozvezd.info.

According to the musician, the song is dedicated to a real airline employee whom he encountered when he returned from a concert tour to Moscow. He emphasized that the sweet stewardess charmed literally everyone on board that plane.

“Everyone was gloomy, sad, creepy, tired, and she walked and smiled. She was directly inserted not like a child, ”recalled Presnyakov.

Immediately after the flight, the singer wrote the line of the future hit, after which he turned to songwriter Ilya Reznik for help. The composition was released in 1992, but the further fate of her heroine, as noted by Presnyakov, is unknown.

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