Vilfand told when the rains that flooded the Kuban will weaken


Vilfand said that in the Kuban the rains will weaken in the second half of July 13

The weakening of precipitation in the Kuban may occur by the afternoon of July 13. This was announced by the head of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation Roman Vilfand. He is quoted by the Izvestia edition.

“… starting from the second half of the day and on Friday, the situation will be calmer,” Vilfand predicted.

At the same time, he warned residents and tourists of the Krasnodar Territory about the possible return of bad weather to the region. Accurate predictions on this score can not be given, so analysts are constantly monitoring the situation.

Vilfand specified that in the second half of the summer there will be much less heavy rain, storms and hail than now.

Earlier, due to precipitation, the number of flooded courtyards in the Kuban increased – the number reached 650. 268 people participated in the elimination of the effect of showers, involving sixty-six pieces of equipment.

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