Victoria Daineko spoke about the incident on tour, when unknown people entered her room


Singer Daineko spoke about the penetration of unknown persons into her room in Yakutsk

Russian singer Victoria Daineko spoke about how, during a tour in Yakutsk, unknown people entered her hotel room when “she was sleeping in her shorts” and left her things. The actress also posted a video on her social networks.

She stated that when she woke up in the morning, the singer saw a glass of wine on the table, and an empty bottle in the corner of the room. In addition, there was someone’s bag in her room. Daineko stressed that everything happened while she was sleeping.

As a result, after the incident, the girl complained to the hotel staff, for which they mistakenly gave the keys to another guest.

A little later, Daineko found out that the bag left in her room belonged to her concert organizer in Yakutsk.

Having reported the incident to law enforcement officers, he found out that the unknown person who entered the singer’s room was not the organizer of the concert, but his assistant.

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