US supermarket employee fired for interfering with theft


US supermarket employee fired for interfering with theft

Santino Burrola, an employee of the American supermarket chain King Soopers, was fired for interfering in the theft, RIA Novosti reports citing CBS News.

The incident happened on June 18, on that day Santino discovered a man who rolled out a whole cart with washing powder from a supermarket. Burrola began filming the action, and filmed a total of three thieves, as well as their car. Later, he informed the police, and also uploaded the video to the social network.

As a result, he was suspended from work the very next day, and a week later he was fired. The employer’s comment says that he has security measures in place for such cases and employees should not take risks.

The dismissed person himself did not agree with the dismissal. At the same time, thanks to his video, one attacker was detained, and two others were put on the wanted list.

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