Urgant announced a performance with the Bi-2 group in Turkey


TV presenter Ivan Urgant broke the silence on the social network and informed his subscribers about his plans to give a concert in Turkey – the showman plans to enter the stage under his creative pseudonym Grisha Urgant.

As follows from the announcement, Urgant will be one of the invited artists at the Bi-2 concert in Kemer. According to reports, actor Maxim Vitorgan will also participate in the event, among others.

How indicates RBC, the cost of a ticket for a two-day large-scale concert is 198,900 rubles for two persons, the amount also includes accommodation in a five-star all-inclusive hotel and participation in all festival activities.

At the end of January, Urgant reported on cancellation his concert in Moscow. Previously, it became known cancellation premieres of a TV fairy tale for children with the participation of the presenter. Urgant has not appeared on federal TV since the beginning of 2022.

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