Unilever may limit activities in Russia


The British corporation Unilever has proposed three options for its further activities in Russia, said the company’s CEO Hein Schumacher, writes Reuters.

“The first option is to abandon our business. We believe that, in fact, this may lead to its nationalization, given all the recent events. The second option is to sell the business, but the reality is that we have not found a viable solution that meets our stated goals,” he said in an interview with reporters.

However, none of these options “is not good,” said the CEO. According to him, the final decision of the corporation sees the continuation of activities in Russia, but in a limited mode.

July 3 Ukraine contributed the British corporation that owns Lipton, Dove, Calve, Clean Line, Timotei, CLEAR, and others, to the list of “international sponsors of the war.” The reason for listing the Ukrainian National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) called the receipt of taxes in the Russian budget.

The NAPC also clarified that Unilever promised to suspend the import and export of its products to the Russian market.

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