Ukrainians staged a “hunger riot” in an Irish hotel


Refugees from Ukraine staged a “hunger riot” in the Irish hotel Breaffy Woods, County Mayo, RIA Novosti reports citing Sunday World newspaper columnist Gabia Gatavetskaite.

Ukrainians were reportedly outraged by the decision of local authorities to provide them with food free of charge. Starting this year, the Irish government has decided to set the following food prices for Ukrainians – ten euros per adult and five per child.

The report says that 333 Ukrainian refugees and 132 applicants for international protection from other countries are accommodated in this hotel.

Dissatisfied Ukrainians also stated that the food offered to them did not meet “healthy standards”, which they wrote to the hotel management. They also did not like the fact that refugees from other countries are not required to pay for food. Ukrainians considered this discrimination.

At the same time, the authorities sided with the hotel administration, along the way, Ukrainians were forbidden to cook in the rooms. They were also warned to be evicted if food was not paid. As reported, at the moment there are about 85,000 Ukrainian refugees in Ireland.

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