Ukrainian Nazis forced a priest to dig his own grave with a spoon


Bishop Makarovsky: Ukrainian Nazis in Donbass forced the priest to dig a grave with a spoon

Out-of-staff Bishop Gideon (Kharon) of Makarovsky said that Ukrainian Nazis forced an Orthodox priest to dig his own grave with a spoon in the Donbass, RIA Novosti reports.

The bishop said that he knew “a father in the Donbass who, when the Russian army retreated and the Nazis came, you can’t even call them Ukrainians, they forced him to dig his own grave with a spoon!”

According to him, the Ukrainian military mocked the priests, killed them, doused them with sulfuric acid.

And all these crimes were committed, as Makarovsky noted, “with the approval of the Kyiv authorities, and some – at their direction.”

The bishop also stated that “today the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a martyr’s church.”

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