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Elon Musk removed the bird from the Twitter logo. Instead, the new symbol of the social network has become a white letter X on a black background. It has already appeared on the building of the main office of the company, as well as on the avatar of the owner of the company on Twitter. In addition, the domain already leads to the social network site. Before, Musk said that he was ready to change the logo if a good enough version of the new design was found, and for this he announced a competition among subscribers. The entrepreneur wrote, “Soon we will say goodbye to the Twitter brand and gradually to all the birds.”

Advertisers are unlikely to like this move, Farhad Kuchkarov, director of strategy at Depot branding agency, says: “Recently, there has been a lot of news from various social networks, primarily from Threads. Telegram story launched – please, everyone is making noise, everyone likes it, some do not, but everyone is discussing it. And Twitter hasn’t been doing anything for a long time, that is, it is slowly turning into the most conservative social network with a very special kind of audience. Plus, Musk constantly generates news related either to layoffs, or to some kind of reforms inside, dissatisfaction with top management, and so on. This cannot but strain investors, advertisers, and indeed the entire vast non-user audience.

Foreign media: Can Threads compete with Twitter?

There are clear measurements of how people feel about the Twitter brand. And, of course, the bird is an iconic element, one of the strongest and most recognizable signs among IT companies. Here TikTok has a name that is brighter and stronger than its icon. And if you ask what font Twitter has, people may not remember, but they definitely recognize the bird. It’s like rewriting the name “Coca-Cola” and removing the branded curls from it.

On the part of Elon Musk, this is probably more of a PR story. This had to be done, because you can not lose the media interest of the audience. And to get rid of the bird, I think, neither consumers will give, nor the internal team. For the rebranding of large corporations that are traded on stock exchanges, have a bunch of investors, significant arguments are needed. For example, some serious product change at Twitter. Indeed, there is an outflow of advertisers, users, but not in terms of abandoning this social network, but rather in terms of switching attention to some other sites, perhaps reducing activity.”

In April of this year, Elon Musk already replaced the blue bird in the Twitter logo. Instead, a Shiba Inu dog from an Internet meme appeared. The management of the social network did not explain the changes in any way. Musk on his page only provided a screenshot of the correspondence with the user who asked him to “buy Twitter and change the bird logo to a dog.” “As promised,” signed the billionaire.

How Elon Musk prepared for the fight

How expensive can a real rebranding cost a company? Dmitry Senderov, head of the Strong advertising agency, believes that this will depend on the cost of PR and marketing: “The price here is from zero to infinity. It all depends on how much money the company will invest in rebranding advertising, in order to convey this information to all its consumers. The logo itself is relatively inexpensive to draw, but how much money they will invest in marketing is a key question. But in any case, rebranding is not a cheap pleasure. And when a company makes such a decision, it always allocates a certain budget for this event.

Rebranding is the result of certain research. And now we see a general trend in the world towards simplification, including simplification of communications. Here, Musk did what, in principle, could have been done two or three years ago, but no one dared.

Be that as it may, changing the logo of such a company attracts attention and this is another opportunity to loudly declare oneself, especially in such difficult times for the brand.”

Meanwhile, according to Kommersant, the Russian audience has already grown tired of Threads, an analogue of Twitter from Meta Corporation (recognized as extremist and banned in Russia). After the launch of the new social network, on average, about 100 thousand Russians visited. Now the figure has fallen by two to three times, Mediascope told the publication. Threads usage rates are also falling globally. In 10 days, the number of active users of the service decreased from 44 million per day to 13 million.

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