Turkey ranks second in import of goods to Russia among bank clients – Kommersant


China ranked first in terms of the share of imports of goods to the Russian Federation by Tochka Bank customers in the first half of the year. Turkey, which was previously in third place, overtook Belarus and took second position with 13%. Tochka does not provide any quantitative data on the volume of imports, only the share in purchases.

The share of countries in the imports of products to Russia by Tochka Bank customers in the first half of the year (compared to the same period in 2022):

  • China – 42% (+4 percentage points);
  • Türkiye — 13% (+8 p.p.);
  • Belarus — 12% (-12 p.p.);
  • Hong Kong – 9% (data for 2022 not specified);
  • Kazakhstan – 5% (data for 2022 not specified).

In 2022, the third and fourth lines instead of Hong Kong and Kazakhstan were occupied by the Netherlands and Germany (3% each).

Tochka’s clients most often imported industrial equipment (a 7.5-fold increase), spare parts (a two-fold increase), clothing (the volume of purchases remained at the same level), furniture and fittings (the volume of purchases did not change), textiles (an increase in five times).

On the impact of imports and exports on inflation – in Dmitry Butrin’s column “What color is the water in the rain”.

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