“True culture helps keep the memory of the war alive”


And here is the anniversary, another, the 82nd already. “Culture” was on top. The entire tragic week is a documentary. “Remember, through the centuries, through the years, remember! About those who will never come again – remember! .. Meet the quivering spring, people of the Earth. Kill the war, curse the war, people of the Earth.” This is Christmas.

Documentary films-memories, films-dignity. They defended the land of their ancestors, defeated the enemy. Veteran survivors (and how many?) say they got the word. And no hatred, leavened patriotism. Life and death. Life! Against all odds. “Maestro, let’s live!”

A film by Alexei Denisov about the seven Gazdanov brothers from Ossetia. Everyone died defending their Motherland. They knew what they were fighting for. They knew what they would give their lives for. And they gave it away. Glory to heroes! A touching, intimate, lyrical film without pathos and to tears.

Another film by Denisov about the 45th Victory Parade. Historical reconstruction based on real events. This is such pride for the country! Yes, with tears in my eyes.

Alexey Denisov… I remember him very young and early, 19 years old, and those stories in the Vremya program, still Soviet. Then he was considered the only one, a child prodigy, budding. Now a respectable person, the head of the channel. Maybe that freshness of perception has gone, but thoughtfulness, style, skill – everything is with him. He did not become a genius, but a comrade, a historical one, is on the right path.

And there was a film by Ali Khamraev about his father. About his life and fate, about Stalin’s camps, about his cinema, his theater. And tomorrow there was a war… His letters from the front, every last one. And the funeral in the 43rd, about his heroic death. The son is responsible for the father.

A cycle of 15-minute stories was shown on Kultura: “The War of Elina Bystritskaya … Mikhail Pugovkin … Zinovy ​​Gerdt … Leonid Gaidai … Yuri Nikulin … Alexei Smirnov … Innokenty Smoktunovsky … Anatoly Papanov … Vladimir Zamansky.” Notice that many of these actors who fought in the future peaceful life became the deepest, magnificent comedians. Yes, laughter through tears. And the artists of our middle generation told about them – Yevgeny Mironov, Alexei Kravchenko … With such love, with such understanding!

This is the conversation of today’s generation about that war, the Great Patriotic War. Found the right tone, beat. From the XXI century appeal to them. And there is no need for big words… Or rather, all big words will be insufficient here, small… You just need to love, believe and remember. Everyone.

And here is the same rubric, which I already wrote about – “XX century”. 1985, the 40th anniversary of the Victory. Oleg Yefremov sits at the head of the laid table at the Moscow Art Theater School. To his right is Viktor Rozov, playwright, veteran. On the left – Evgeny Evstigneev. And also Vyacheslav Innocent, Alla Pokrovskaya, Alexei Batalov, Oleg Tabakov, Svetlana Mizeri, Mikhail Zimin. The question is, why are they sitting here? And remember how it all began. “Eternal Living” is the magnificent Rozov, who went through the war. This is the Sovremennik Theatre, start. This is “The Cranes Are Flying” and the same Batalov, who has become a symbol of the generation. This is one of the best and brightest statements about the Great Patriotic War.

Yes, Rozov fought, and the rest – the next generation – they did not have to, due to their age. But the war is in their hearts, in their whole life. Remember how Tabakov read “Vasily Terkin” on TV, how Efremov and Evstigneev played in war films …

You look and it’s breathtaking. What living, as they say. There is no one else, no one. The women were the last to leave this fine company, quite recently.

And it’s also about the war. And about memory. And about culture. True culture helps to preserve the memory of the war, of not in vain victims. Because it excites the soul. Blessed memory, eternal memory.


“Kino o kino” is an excellent cycle on “Culture”. Host Alexander Evstigneev. This time about the immortal comedy “Autumn Marathon”, called “We sit well.”

Shot from the film “Autumn Marathon”.

We are told, “This is a film about a man leading a double life.” Serovo. Volodin wrote this about himself, starting from his own, personal. Danelia also put about himself, because in his life there was a “cruel romance”. Basilashvili … Yes, Doronina reigned first, and then …

But the fact of the matter is that, starting from the personal, these great artists took higher. “Double life” – as a study at a party meeting on a statement-denunciation of a beloved, but jealous wife, with entry into a personal file, a reprimand with all the consequences. But the “double life” is all of us in fact, then, what now. I do not like anything unambiguous, too correct, fiery. “And the only thing to be afraid of is the one who says: “I know how to do it!” This is Galich.

I love doubting, reflecting. Well, really, how many times in our lives do we shake hands with someone who, in fact, would never, ever?! But we shake. “Don’t you want to wash the floors?” – this is when it’s already completely restrained. Like this: both ours and yours. And spin and run in circles. If only not to offend anyone, not to offend. Mumble, calf, but we are all like that, tea is not “iron buttons”. People… And the “Autumn Marathon” – “running on the spot reconciling.”

The intelligentsia (let’s forget Lenin’s definition) recognized itself in Buzykin. Well, really, in addition to all the senseless throwing in life, whom to choose: Gundareva or Neelov? That’s it.

To condemn Buzykin? No, I just love him. He is not capable of meanness, he is infinitely kind. It is clear that such kindness will lead to a zugunder, because what suffering he brings to his women, both!

But… Buzykin, you are my idol. The most human person. Here I mold life from someone. We sit well!

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