Traces of the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge are being searched in the United Arab Emirates


15 forensic examinations have been appointed in the case

It became known what exactly the investigators of the Main Investigative Committee of the ICR argued for the need to extend the arrest of those accused of blowing up the Crimean bridge in October last year. As it became known to MK, investigators do not have time to receive the results of all examinations in this case.

On July 3 and 5, the Basmanny Court of Moscow extended the terms of detention for all the accused. Justifying the need for this, the investigator noted that 15 forensic examinations were being carried out on the case, and they had not yet been completed. In addition, forensic examinations will be appointed for a number of electronic media. In addition, for further investigation, the investigation needs to obtain important information from Georgia, as well as from the competent authorities of the United Arab Emirates and China.

The lawyers of the detainees, in turn, insisted that their clients should be released under house arrest or a ban on certain actions should be chosen as a measure of restraint. The arguments they put forward were mainly related to the state of health of the accused and the fact that they had children. The defenders of Artur Terchanyan (according to the investigation, he was the driver of the first truck with explosives) and Roman Solomko (according to the investigation, he paid for the delivery of the cargo) mentioned, in particular, that no investigative actions have been carried out with their clients for a long time.

The representative of the Investigative Committee explained that the work on the investigation of the terrorist attack was carried out fruitfully and methodically. For example, since the arrest of the Azatyanov brothers (they chose a place to place explosives in a warehouse in Armavir), 60 witnesses and 4 specialists have been interrogated, 4 seizures have been carried out, 34 examinations of documents, electronic media and details of telephone conversations, 2 psychophysiological studies, 7 forensic examinations have been appointed, 118 requests were sent to various organizations. Therefore, it is not necessary to talk about the slowness and inefficiency of the investigation.

The terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge took place on the morning of October 8, 2022 – a truck with a bomb exploded while driving across the bridge. The driver of the truck, as well as the driver and three passengers of the car following him, were killed. The roadbed collapsed, the railroad track was damaged, and 7 tanks of the freight train burned down due to the fire.

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