Tourists had to spend 500 rubles a day on toilets in Gelendzhik


Russians massively splash out their dissatisfaction with summer holidays on social networks. We read reviews about Gelendzhik.

“A lot of people, a lot of drunks, the sea is dirty.” “Your Gelendzhik dumpster” “We came here for the first and last time. Buses don’t run well, air conditioners don’t work, prices are high, beaches are littered with sun loungers and umbrellas, cafes are a waste of money.”

“The whole family picked up an intestinal infection. A week lay with fever, diarrhea and vomiting. Local doctors prescribed expensive drugs that did not help. Left a lot of money for nothing. People write that the sea is clean, but for some reason everyone gets sick.”

Natalia returned from Gelendzhik last week. The woman shared her impressions: “I liked the city itself, there are places to walk, there are chain stores, cafes, canteens, which are in demand because of their cheapness.

Most of all I was surprised by the cost of toilets on the beach – 40 rubles. It seems to be inexpensive, but if you go there several times a day, a decent amount accumulates. If a mother goes with a three-year-old child, you have to pay for two – already 80 rubles. Runs up to 500 rubles a day. And if you are relaxing with your family, even more so.

It is not surprising that vacationers relieve themselves in changing cabins. By the way, there were few cabins on our beach, they are all single. As a result, a huge queue lined up for them.

In general, the situation is calm: a police patrol drives along the embankment during the day, policemen walk along the beach. There are a lot of vacationers, including those with children. At 9 am the beach is already crowded. After 10 o’clock it’s hard to find a place to stumble. Mud floated in the sea, but not critical. By evening, it was washed ashore by the waves. But the picture is not as terrible as in Anapa.

Fruits and berries are expensive. Cherries – 400 rubles per kilogram, strawberries – 300.

I didn’t go to the cafe, it’s expensive for me. Street food is also not cheap. 100 grams of pork kebab in a cafe on the embankment – 180 rubles, shawarma – from 250 rubles, draft beer 0.5 liters – from 100 to 150 rubles.

The road to Gelendzhik is difficult. You can get there by train to Novorossiysk or by car. With train tickets, everything is very bad. They start selling them 45 days before departure. At 8 in the morning I went to the site, within five minutes almost all the good places were sold out. Remained the most uncomfortable. I had to take them.

The station in Novorossiysk is old, it can be seen that it was repaired under Tsar Pea. It is not adapted for passengers. When you get out, you have to walk along an uncomfortable, high bridge with things. There are no porters. Well, there is a free toilet and paid luggage storage.

I got to Gelendzhik by taxi. Private sellers raise prices. I called the aggregator, it cost 1000 rubles. This is an average, reasonable price. Went back for 1200.

Another tourist described her vacation as follows: “There are not enough trash cans. They are nowhere to be found: neither near cafes, nor near stalls selling milkshakes. We took with us an empty glass from under the cocktail, we were looking for the urns for an hour. A nightmare is going on near the shops – the territory is covered in cigarette butts and bottles of alcohol. On the beach, people also lie among the mountains of garbage.

The Magnolia beach, where I rested, is narrow, covered in mud, garbage floats even in the sea. The owner of the beach did not allow us to lay a blanket, he explained that there was an area for sun loungers. He suggested: “Go, settle down under a rock or clean up the garbage on the beach, then I will allow you to move the sunbed and spread your blanket.”

It is unpleasant to go into the sea, the bottom is shallow, all the stones are in algae. It was difficult to swim away from debris and algae. You swim, you swim, and you are knee-deep. Perhaps next year I will think a hundred times whether it makes sense to spend money on such a vacation.

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