Tomatoes in India rose by 445% and became more expensive than gasoline – Kommersant


Due to heavy rains and higher than usual air temperatures in India, the tomato crop, one of the most important products of the national cuisine, has been seriously affected. According to Bloomberg, because of the shortage, retail prices for tomatoes in some areas have soared by 445% since the beginning of the year, to 120 rupees ($ 1.45) per 1 kg. And wholesale prices, according to information Reutersover the past month have grown in a number of states by 288%, up to 140 rupees ($ 1.7) per 1 kg.

Indian consumers, who now have to eat less tomatoes and rice (its crop was also affected by the weather), are reacting emotionally to the situation and have already published a number of popular memes on this topic. Someone notes that gasoline is now cheaper than tomatoes: in the capital of India, a liter of gasoline now costs about 96 rupees. Someone prefers to compare the cost of tomatoes with political influence, noting that it is now cheaper to buy certain politicians than tomatoes.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s, a fast-food restaurant chain operating in India, said it has so far excluded tomatoes, which were used in burgers and rolls, from its menu. “Despite our best efforts, we cannot provide the required number of tomatoes that can pass the rigorous quality checks. We are forced to serve you dishes without tomatoes,” the establishments warn.

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