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“Kommersant Style” – about the basic rules of summer makeup, about the nuances of textures and the need for fixation.

Summer makeup is always about lightness, transparency and brightness at the same time. We talked to well-known makeup artists and found out what the “number one” program is for them in hot weather, how to properly prepare the skin for applying foundation, how to quickly refresh makeup, which products are worth using, and which ones, on the contrary, are better for a while refuse.

Olga Modestova, make-up artist and master of permanent make-up at MilFay beauty salons

  • In summer makeup, as in any other, proper skin preparation is important: cleansing, toning, moisturizing; Be sure to add SPF protection. We definitely use light products: serums, toners and moisturizing sprays. Foundations for everyday makeup can be minimized and replaced with a spot application of concealer (under the eyes and uneven skin). I recommend to refuse from dense tonal means, from contouring with corrective products with a cold gray undertone, and also to exclude matte dense lipsticks, as all this makes makeup heavier, and in summer it does not look advantageous at all. Summer makeup is a light highlighting concealer, bronzer and blush. Now the trend is bright juicy shades on the lips and cheeks, and it is better to use tints and lip glosses.
  • It is possible and necessary to fix makeup and refresh throughout the day with refreshing and moisturizing sprays, and you can eliminate excessive shine of the skin with matting wipes. And in order to quickly correct and refresh makeup in hot weather, I advise you to have a face spray, transparent powder and gloss or lip tint with you.

Favorite products: Caudalie Radiance Serum, Troiareuke Refreshing Mist, Powder, Lip Oil, Setting Spray, Concealer (all Clarins), Dior Backstage Highlighter Palette, Chanel Tinting Fluid, Pat McGrath Blush Stick, Charlotte Tilbury Liquid Blush and Highlighter, Pencil shadows Kiko Milano.

Tima Leo, freelance makeup artist

  • In hot weather, it is important to protect the skin from the sun and not overload the face with cosmetics. Cosmetic bag in the summer “for every day” is different from makeup options for special occasions. For everyday makeup, I advise you to pay more attention to light translucent textures, foundation with moisturizing ingredients, and use tinted balms for lips. In eye makeup, the main focus is to make mascara. In case you already have your own tan, you can add a light bronzer on the cheekbones and nose to highlight it. For a bright, evening, solemn make-up, a classic set of cosmetics is always appropriate. The main priority here is the durability of cosmetic products.
  • To prolong the life of your makeup, use a primer that will allow the tonal to be more resistant, and use a make-up fixer with a matte effect.
  • Spf in foundation is a nice bonus for those who value their time when applying makeup. It is important to remember that a walk in the sun with a foundation that includes spf and a tan on the beach using foundation with spf is a completely different effect, foundation alone will not be enough to tan.
  • You can refresh your makeup in the heat with a light moisturizing mist, a damp sponge in a case; a minimal set of your usual cosmetics, preferably in a travel format, will also come in handy.

Favorite products: RBG Youth foundation, Crimean Rose hydrosol, HD Make Up Forever translucent powder, Smashbox Superfan mascara, Pro Make Up Laboratory revitalizing lip balm.

Denis Kartashev, independent make-up artist, beauty expert, co-founder of Artesque cosmetic brand

  • Summer needs a light translucent make-up and care that our skin needs at any age. It’s worth giving up too dense, multi-layered makeup “for social networks”, even if you are going to an important event – make your makeup easier: make your skin more natural, and focus on your lips or eyes.
  • As for fixing makeup, it all depends on where you are going and how long you need it, and on the type of skin: if the skin is dry, then you don’t need to fix it, makeup will keep well even in summer. If oily or combination, and you are going to have fun (dance-sweat), and so that the skin does not shine, then you should use a matting fixative.
  • I recommend separating: if you really plan to be in the sun for a long time, then you need to separately use a primer or cream with spf as a base for makeup and then apply foundation. Foundations with spf still cannot provide the same degree of protection as special products.
  • In order to freshen up your makeup, I recommend carrying a few compact products with you: mattifying wipes (to remove shine), compact powder (to powder the skin) and lip gloss.
  • Bright lipstick looks very nice in the heat, if the whole image matches this lipstick. Choose products with good hold so that they do not spread. And if you like glosses more, then use transparent or with a slight shade, because bright and highly pigmented ones will definitely spread in the heat, regardless of their manufacturer and cost.

Favorite products: Make Up Forever matting fixative spray, RBG Youth light foundation, Shiseido, Nars, Erborian BB creams for skin, Sorme matting wipes, Estee Lauder, Babor compact powder, Kilian lipstick, Sephora, Nars liquid lip tint.

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