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Kommersant Style is about an indispensable hair product that will save your hair both on a business trip and on time pressure.

Dry shampoos are considered a tool either for the busiest or for avid travelers, because they have the super ability to transform the condition of the hair in just a couple of minutes. They gained their popularity and indispensability precisely due to multitasking and the speed with which the effect is achieved. With their help, you can refresh the roots of the hair and add volume to the hairstyle or texturize the strands. However, as with most beauty products, there is a right way and a wrong way to use dry shampoo – anyone who has ever used it and suddenly notices white streaks on their head a few hours after using it can attest.

Dry shampoos are most commonly available in aerosol cans, and there are many dry shampoo formulations and colors (for blondes, brunettes, neutrals) to suit any hair texture and color. The term “dry shampoo” usually refers to products in powder or spray form, but in recent years, many brands have begun to produce dry shampoos in the form of foam, cream or clay-like paste, which turn into powder after application.

The composition of such products contains ingredients that absorb pollution when applied to the hair – these are starch, clay, talc, alcohol additives. It is important to understand that in this case, no cleansing or washing in the usual sense occurs – the shampoo only absorbs excess sebum. Therefore, so that it does not accumulate and irritate the skin, experts advise using dry shampoos no more than two days in a row. It is also important to apply it not to the strands, but exclusively to the scalp – this is how it will definitely work.

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