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Russian President Vladimir Putin does not plan to hold a meeting on the weakening of the ruble, said his press secretary Dmitry Peskov. He recalled the meeting between the President and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“It was there that it was said that our economic indicators are indeed very good, promising and better than it could have been predicted. In the same place, it was about specific figures that indicate that there can be no doubts about macroeconomic stability and there should not be. Everything else is a matter of the current conjuncture,” the spokesman said.

Yesterday, July 6, at the beginning of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the dollar rose to 93.85 rubles / $, the euro – up to 102.01 rubles / €. At the end of trading for the dollar they gave 92.30 rubles / $, for the euro – 100 rubles / €. The ruble has been falling for the ninth week in a row. At the same time, the head of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, said that there were no risks to financial stability. In her opinion, weakening connected with a decrease in exports and an increase in imports. Kremlin does not exclude “speculative games” on the ruble exchange rate.

Car dealers, manufacturers and experts surveyed by Vedomosti considerthat due to the weakening of the ruble, new cars will rise in price by an average of 5–10%. How found out earlier “b”, manufacturers of household appliances and electronics against the backdrop of rising rates of the euro and the dollar for the second time since the beginning of the year raise prices. On average, retailers report a 10-15% increase in purchase price across a range of brands.

Head of Sberbank German Gref on the sidelines of the Financial Congress of the Bank of Russia declared, which does not believe that the ruble exchange rate is “at the optimal level”. In his opinion, there will be no decline to last year’s “extremely low levels” and the Russian currency will strengthen. The head of VTB Andrey Kostin during the congress expressed the opinion that the devaluation process will be suspended, and there will be “a kind of reverse process.”

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