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The head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that the International Space Station (ISS) will cease to exist in its current form after 2030. He admitted that the station could be repurposed for other purposes or “managerly flooded”.

The operation of the ISS began in 1998. Cosmonauts, including those from Russia, the USA, Germany, Japan, and Canada, are participating in the work. The Russian Segment of the ISS consists of six modules and ships docked to them.

“By decision of the government, the operation of the International Space Station, the Russian segment, has been extended until 2028. But, unfortunately, we must state that after 2030, the station, most likely, will cease to exist in the form it is now – either it will be flooded in a controlled manner, or it will be reoriented for other purposes, ”said Mr. Borisov.

He recalled that work is underway to develop the Russian Orbital Station (ROS). Earlier, Yuri Borisov said that he expects its construction to be completed in 2023.

International ISS Partners extended operation of the station until 2030. Yuri Borisov said that Russia planned to withdraw from the project after 2024, but later Roscosmos decided extend your participation.

ROS is the Russian analogue of the ISS, the creation of which became known in April 2021. Launch of the first, scientific and energy module of the station scheduled for 2027. The remaining ROS modules are planned to be launched in 2028–2030. The first selection of astronauts reportedwill be held in 2023-2024.

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