The widow of the leader of the group “King and the Jester” condemned the series about the Pot


The widow of the leader of the “King and the Jester” Mikhail “Gorshka” Gorsheneva said that she did not like the series about the group as discrediting the memory of the musician.

In the social network, Olga Gorsheneva said that the release of the series was painful for her family. According to her, the artist’s relatives and friends are at a loss, because, in their opinion, Gorshenev was “made an antagonist” and “weaknesses were deliberately exaggerated.”

“Incorrectly placed accents,” wrote the widow of the musician.

She also opined that the creators of the series should have “dived deeper” instead of “broadcasting a superficial picture to the masses based on the opinions of two people.” Olga Gorsheneva noted that she had not gone public for a long time – her previous post on the social network dates back to 2021 – but now she considers it necessary to speak out, because when she “gave the green light to the series, it was about something else.”

“With what we see in the end, I strongly disagree,” concluded the widow of the musician.

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