The Vatican criticized the EU for the lack of efforts for peace in Ukraine


The envoy of Pope Francis for the settlement in Ukraine, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, criticized the European Union in an interview with Il for insufficient efforts to establish peace in Ukraine.

“The EU is doing too little and should be doing much more,” the Vatican envoy said, adding that the EU should help peace initiatives in every possible way and follow the call of Pope Francis for a constructive world.

Cardinal Zuppi also recalled the words of Francis, who defined the purpose of his mission as “to help everything that can help the world.”

Recall that earlier Cardinal Zuppi visited Kyiv, Moscow and Washington. Now he intends to go to Beijing. So far, the Vatican’s efforts to advance its peace plan for Ukraine have been unsuccessful. In Kyiv, they said that they do not need his mediating role. At the same time, Ukraine hopes that the Holy See will help in the return of prisoners and children evacuated to Russia from the war zone.

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