The transforming robot Morphobot was presented in the USA – Kommersant


The California Institute of Technology has unveiled a new Multi-Modal Mobility Morphobot (M4) robot that can change its mode of movement and shape. The model is capable of performing eight different types of movements, including driving, flying and walking.

The robot has wheels that can turn into quadcopter rotors, and it is also able to hover in a vertical position using only two wheels as rotors. Morphobot has a small computer based on the Jetson Nano platform, which allows him to navigate the terrain and make decisions about the necessary form of the robot at a given moment. Institute employees said that when working on Morphobot, they were inspired by meerkats and walruses.

Scientists continue to experiment with different forms and functions of robots. In March 2023, scientists from Japan and Switzerland reported about the development of edible robots for the delivery of provisions in rescue operations, and in April, scientists from MIT taught robotic dog to play football on uneven planes.

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