The third phase of Paveletskaya City has taken shape


The architectural appearance of the third stage of the Paveletskaya City residential complex, being built by developers MR Group and Level Group in the Danilovsky district of Moscow, was agreed.

Recall that the first stage of the residential complex includes five buildings from 9 to 46 floors, and the second – four buildings from 27 to 42 floors. The third stage will be represented by two towers with 29 and 56 floors. The height of the Premier Tower will be 207 m, the Frame House tower – 100 m.

Andrey Romanov and Ekaterina Kuznetsova, the authors of the project, the founders of the architectural bureau ADM, said that the silhouette of the dominant tower was formed due to the articulated volume: it expands in the middle and narrows at the top. The building is finished with aluminum profile lamellas that resemble the movement of magnetic waves. In the lower part of the building, the lamellas are concentrated and pass into the front visor. The second skyscraper is made in a different way. The rectangular building is an allusion to a large-scale mechanism assembled from many parts and gears. If in the dominant tower glass was chosen as the main material, which gives additional lightness, then brutal metal elements are responsible for the charisma of the building.

As part of the third stage of the Paveletskaya City Residential Complex, a two-story fitness club with a swimming pool and a one-story office building, united by an underground parking lot, will also be built.

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