The State Duma adopted a law on the right of the Russian Guard to have heavy equipment in service


The State Duma immediately approved amendments to the law on the National Guard in three readings, allowing the department to have heavy military equipment in service, including tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. Document will sent for approval to the Federation Council.

As approved by the deputies amendments, now in the law instead of the word “weapon” it will be said about “weapons”. The Russian Guardsmen will be able to use the received heavy equipment to free hostages, protect citizens, officials and military personnel, ensure security during riots and in emergency situations, as well as to suppress the activities of illegal armed groups.

Amendments July 17 made United Russia deputies Andrey Kartapolov, Vasily Piskarev and Alexander Khinshtein. The head of the National Guard, Viktor Zolotov, after a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and the heads of law enforcement agencies on June 27, said that his department would soon have heavy equipment, including its own tanks. The meeting with the president was held after the Wagner PMC mutiny, which began on June 23 and ended the next day.

Alexander Kislov

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