The Soyuz rocket with the Progress MS-24 spacecraft was installed on the launch pad of Baikonur


Launch vehicle “Soyuz-2.1a” with a cargo ship “Progress MS-24”

installed on the launch pad of the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Information about this appeared in the Telegram channel of Roscosmos. The state corporation clarified that specialists continue to prepare it for launch at the launch complex of the 31st site.

On the body of the rocket there are images dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the designer of intercontinental ballistic missiles and spacecraft Vladimir Utkin and the 300th anniversary of Yekaterinburg.

The launch of the launch vehicle with the Progress space truck is scheduled for 04:08 Moscow time on August 23. Two days after launch, it should dock with the Zvezda service module on the ISS.

There are more than two and a half tons of various cargoes on board the Progress-24. Among them are 500 kilograms of fuel, 420 liters of drinking water, 40 kilograms of compressed nitrogen and about one and a half tons of various equipment and materials.

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