The soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic named a terrifying amount of “income” of future musicians


“A student without triples gets 840 rubles”

The meeting of the Public Council under the Committee for Culture of the State Duma, held on June 27 in the Moscow House of Unions, surprised by the discussion at the state level of issues that were by no means large-scale.

So, the soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Ekaterina Mechetina voiced the problem of the lack of musicians who play the bassoon. Describing the situation in one of the educational institutions, Mechetina noted that “not a single applicant came to the bassoon specialty, there are not enough specialists for wind instruments.”

It would seem that the cause for indignation is ridiculous. But then the Honored Artist of Russia gave an explanation for this phenomenon. It turns out that “if a student (of a musical specialty) studies without triples, he receives 840 rubles).

An additional surcharge for academic success, according to Mechetina, cannot serve as sufficient motivation. And what is the size of the scholarship in the end – with and without additional payments, there was no one to explain. Representatives of the education sector, according to Elena Yampolskaya, refused to participate in the work of the Council.

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