The secret purpose of Zelensky’s trip to Lviv became known


Having failed to achieve significant success in a month of the big offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zelensky and his team began to compensate for military failures with media “victories”. They are very much needed for the NATO summit in Vilnius, which will begin on July 11th. Hence the plot with a visit to the stone island of Serpents in the Black Sea, as well as the solemn return from Turkey of the terrorists Kalina, Volyn and Radish, who surrendered in Mariupol in May last year. Zelensky also visited Lviv. “MK” found out – for what purpose.

The Ukrainian media showed a report from the prayer service, from which Zelensky quickly left, as well as his joint interview with terrorist fighters, in which they announced their readiness to go to the front. But, as it turns out, the main goal of Zelensky’s trip to Lviv remained behind the scenes.

The fact is that mourning has been declared in Lvov for two days and the flags of the city have been lowered to half mast in memory of those who died as a result of the July 6 night rocket attack. All these days, the removal of rubble at the Military Academy of the Ground Forces did not stop. According to some reports, hundreds of foreign military instructors and mercenaries died there. Kyiv does not officially report losses, probably in order not to create a negative information background ..

And on the evening of July 8, a farewell ceremony was secretly held in Lviv for the dead Ukrainian and foreign military. The secret farewell was attended by Zelensky, Shmyhal and leaders of all church denominations who specially arrived in Lviv.

As Andriy Moskalenko, deputy mayor of Lviv, said, a total of 17 houses, which are architectural monuments, were damaged in the city. Among them, four are almost completely destroyed.

From media reports, photos and videos, it is clear that the houses on Stryiska Street, which are facing the Academy of Ground Forces named after Hetman Petro Sahaydachny, were damaged. From the opposite side of the Academy, the blast wave knocked out the glass in the windows of the building on Ostrogradskikh Street and Lukash Street. Assessing these damages, military expert Vladimir Gundarov told MK:

– Thus, the radius of propagation of the shock wave was at least 300 meters. In the center of the circle with a diameter of at least 600 meters there are two historical buildings of the Sahaidachny Academy, which were built in 1899 for the Imperial and Royal School of Infantry Cadets of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Lviv at that time was the center of the Austrian province, called the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria.

According to Gundarov, the four destroyed houses, which the deputy mayor of Lviv spoke about, were just at the epicenter of the explosion.

– And such an epicenter are two Austrian-built buildings and the two-story buildings of the club and the headquarters of the Academy standing next to them, – the expert concluded.

It must be assumed that it was there that hundreds of foreigners who came to fight in Ukraine found their end. Well, Zelensky thanked them for their service.

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