The scooter knocked out the Lenkom actress Alena Mitroshina’s teeth and broke her jaw


Actress “Lenkom” Alena Mitroshina received fractures of the jaw when hit by an electric scooter

The director of the Lenkom Theater Mark Varshaver confirmed that the actress Alena Mitroshina, who plays the role of Conchita in the production of Juno and Avos, received multiple fractures of her jaw.

“He doesn’t feel very well. There hasn’t been an operation yet, it will be on Monday,” he said.

Varshaver added that Mitroshina was out of the repertoire for two or three months, she will be replaced by actresses from the second and third cast.

“She is a talented, capable girl, and it is a pity that she will drop out of the theater’s repertoire policy for some time,” Varshaver emphasized.

Earlier, the Lenkom Theater reported on its Telegram channel that on Friday, an underage youth on an electric scooter knocked down actress Alena Mitroshina on one of the streets. As a result, the actress received “multiple fractures of the jaw, knocked out teeth and other injuries requiring surgical intervention.”

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