The Russians called ways to protect your smartphone when using a VPN


Expert Fomin: VPN services can use location access for surveillance

Information security expert of the Digital Economy League Vitaly Fomin in an interview “Gazete.Ru” told how you can protect your device when using a VPN.

According to him, during the VPN operation, the user connects to the server through intermediaries. At the same time, the connection speed decreases, but it becomes possible to bypass the blocking of various Internet resources.

He clarified that paid and free VPN services have both disadvantages and advantages.

“In particular, free apps analyze traffic and provide this information as advertising purposes. It turns out that the user pays for the service not with money, but with confidentiality,” Fomin noted.

The expert added that significant information should not be processed through VPN applications. For example, bank card data, passwords and logins. Among other things, you need to analyze what permissions you need to grant the VPN service.

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