The presidential administration has identified five images of the future the Russians want


The most anticipated types of desired future

Comfortable Russia
Residents of Russia have affordable medical services, high-quality roads, polite police, clean streets, a good environmental situation, etc. Such a country is needed mainly by people aged 25–44 who work in the commercial sector, with a secondary education, and live in cities. For those who are waiting for a comfortable Russia, the level of income and the preservation of purchasing power, the situation in the areas of healthcare and education (primarily in relation to children), a comfortable urban environment, and the availability of public services are important.
Great Russia
Powerful economy and armed forces, authority in the world, outstanding achievements in culture, sports, etc. Basically, patriots are people aged 45 and older, pensioners who receive information from traditional media. For such citizens, the military power of the country and success in the special operation, the historical greatness of the Motherland and its achievements, the success of the Russian Federation in foreign policy, economy, science, technology, culture and sports, independence in the economy, the success of import substitution and effective opposition to sanctions are important.
Fair Russia
A social state in which social justice and social protection of citizens are ensured, in which inequality between different segments of the population is reduced. Such a future is expected, for example, by women, young families, people aged 25-34, state employees, in particular from the education and culture sectors. They care about social programs and measures to support the population aimed at overcoming inequality, a progressive tax rate, the fight against poverty and measures to combat corruption.
Progressive Russia
This is a modern country with a high-tech economy, where advanced technologies are applied in various areas: infrastructure, education, health care, services, etc. This is the kind of Russia that older and middle-aged men would like to see, who prefer to receive information from Russian traditional and Internet media. For them, the economic development of the Russian Federation, the achievement of sovereignty (military, food, technological), the implementation of large infrastructure and industrial projects, as well as technological breakthroughs are important.
Democratic Russia
A democratic country where the rights and freedoms of citizens are respected (an independent court, freedom of speech, political competition, change of power, etc.). The portrait and key markers of a person who needs such a country are not specified.

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