The pharmacist explained which medicines will become more difficult to buy in the fall


Pharmacist Igor Krasilnikov explained which drugs will become more difficult to buy in pharmacies due to the update in Russia from September 1 of the rules for dispensing drugs.

As Krasilnikov noted in interview VM.RU, first of all, pharmacists will take special control over the dispensing of medicines for beneficiaries. These are antidiabetic, antiulcer, laxatives. Also, according to him, they will more carefully monitor the release of prescription drugs that are ordered remotely via the Internet.

The toughening will mainly affect drugs subject to subject-quantitative accounting (PKU). This category includes, for example, psychotropic drugs. All data on them will have to be entered into a single monitoring system.

The expert noted that it is not worth worrying about antibiotics, remedies for herpes and heartburn, they will continue to be dispensed calmly. At the same time, he suggests that after the innovations, some pharmacies will be stricter in selling those drugs that were previously sold without a prescription. Therefore, the pharmacist recommended taking care of the prescription in advance and visiting a doctor.

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