The NTV channel started filming the historical military drama “Axe. 1945″


The NTV channel has started filming the fourth part of the historical military drama “Ax” – “Ax. 1945”. The main role in the film will traditionally be played by the People’s Artist of Russia Andrey Smolyakov.

Winter 1945. The Soviet Army is conducting a successful offensive in East Prussia. Reconnaissance comes replenishment – young guys without combat experience. Everyone is well aware that there is very little left before the end of the war, and the command decides to gather them into one squad and leave them in the rear, in a small estate where a German family lives. The commander is appointed, against his will, foreman Ivan Rodin.

One day, one of the soldiers in the coal shed finds two boxes full of valuables, including paintings. Pototsky, an art critic by education, briefly examines the finds and declares that this is a real treasure, Greek and Roman gold, paintings of the sixteenth century and Renaissance jewelry, most likely stolen by the Nazis from private and museum collections.

The owner of the estate, former Wehrmacht Colonel Gottfried Mielke, says that most likely, these boxes were left here without his knowledge by the recently quartered SS sabotage unit. And it soon turns out that the SS did not forget about the treasures left behind …

Vadim Ostrovsky, scriptwriter, director and producer of the film: “All parts of our TV movie are based on real facts. Of course, they are artistically rethought, there are certain figurative actions, creative solutions. In real life, there was such a person – Private Dmitry Ovcharenko, who once, while delivering ammunition to the front line, collided with a detachment of Germans numbering about 50 people. Using a simple ax and a few grenades, he alone during the battle was able to not only repulse the Germans, but even obtained valuable documents, for which he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. This soldier became the prototype of our protagonist Ivan Rodin. In the fourth part of the picture, the action takes place in January 1945 during the start of the Koenigsberg operation. This plot is also based on real facts, when the Germans already understood what the outcome of the war would be, and made the so-called “cache”, hoping to use the stolen valuables, masterpieces of art as a guarantee of their future quiet life somewhere, for example, in Latin America. But “Ax” in all its parts, in addition to military action, is also a military drama, and the current plot tells that the very life of a soldier can unexpectedly depend on how humanely he treats his enemy.

The creators of the picture approached the creation of the picture with great care. So, for example, art directors masterfully recreated artifacts that appear in history. And some of the items were indeed hidden by the Germans in 1945. Filming of the project will take place in St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, in Pushkin – in the estate of Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich Romanov in Tsarskoye Selo. Several more decorations and outbuildings were built around the iconic historical place. Also, the shooting will take place in the powder warehouses in the Vyborg region, similar to caves. And also on the territory of the former distillery, which was bombed by the Germans in 1941.

Recall that the first part of the military picture “Ax” aired on NTV on May 9, 2018. It tells about the former Yesaul Ivan Rodin, who, fleeing from Bolshevik repressions, lives as a hermit in the Siberian taiga for many years, but the news of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War makes him remember his officer past and go to the front to defend the Motherland. The historical drama became the winner of the TEFI – Chronicle of Victory award in the TV Feature Series nomination.

Continuation of the story “Axe. 1943” aired on May 9, 2020. The action of the picture takes place two years after the events of the first part. Ivan, during a raid behind enemy lines, unexpectedly meets his brother, whom he has not seen since the Civil War and who, as it turns out, also fights in intelligence with the rank of major, but only in German intelligence and leads an operation that should disrupt the offensive of our units.

The action of the third part of the picture is “Axe. 1944 ”- takes place in 1944: rescuing children from a concentration camp, Ivan Rodin and Odintsov’s reconnaissance group find themselves in a school that the Germans are starting to take by storm.

Inna Shkarbanova.

Photo PR NTV

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