The Ministry of Labor will determine which of the disabled needs the help of nurses


Also, the department will decide how long and how exactly you need to help.

To determine which categories of disabled people need constant or periodic assistance from nurses and other social workers, the Ministry of Labor of Russia suggests. The relevant document has recently been submitted for public discussion.

Using the method proposed by the ministry, social services will be able to determine what kind of assistance people with disabilities need. Their willingness to live independently will be assessed on a scale from 0 to 276 points. How unhealthy a person is will determine how long the social worker’s care should be and what his duties should be. It can be as simple as caring for the sick, and accompanying his work. The document defines 4 degrees of violation of the autonomy of a disabled person in terms of independent living and the same in terms of inability to work independently.

The ability of citizens to live and work independently will be assessed according to dozens of parameters. The first is a person’s knowledge of his last name, first name and patronymic, as well as other personal information. In addition, social workers will need to find out whether a citizen seeks help in difficult situations, whether he knows how to navigate in space, read signs and understand what is written on them, whether he knows the people around him, etc. If everything or almost everything is normal, the disabled person will receive from 0 to 27 points, if, on the contrary, everything is bad, from 208 to 276 points. For example, a person gets 0 points for knowing their full name, and 4 points for not knowing. Those with the most points will receive the most serious guardianship.

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