The Ministry of Economy recognized the work of 44 SEZs as effective in 2022


The Ministry of Economy recognized the work of 44 special economic zones (SEZ) at the end of 2022 as effective, follows from the report of the department. Thus, the consolidated efficiency indicator excluding the tourism cluster was 93.9% (in 2021 – 96.5%), from the beginning of the zones’ operation – 90.7%. At the same time, the activity of the SEZ of the technology-innovative type (TVT) remains the most productive – 100% at the end of 2022 (100%) and 99.1% – from the moment the SEZ was created. Port zones (PSEZs) scored 98.1% (90.9%) and 91.5%, respectively, followed by industrial type SEZs (IPTs) with 93.9% (92.6%) and 82.9% respectively. Things are a little worse for tourist-recreational type zones (TRT) without taking into account the tourist cluster – the summary indicator of their effectiveness in 2022 was 83.6% (96.7%), from the beginning of work – 89.5%. The TRT SEZ in the North Caucasus Federal District has the lowest value – 56.6% (56.3%) and 76.7%, respectively, but even this is called sufficient efficiency by the Ministry of Economy.

Let us explain that the Ministry of Economy evaluated the work of SEZs created before July 1, 2022 – 25 PPT, 7 TBT, 10 TRT and 2 SEPZ. Efficiency was analyzed according to 25 absolute and relative quantitative indicators, as well as according to six calculated indicators (including the profitability of investing funds from the federal and regional budgets in the creation of infrastructure, the activities of government bodies, etc.).

At the end of 2022, 986 residents were registered in the SEZ (excluding the tourism cluster), of which 141 residents in 2022. They created more than 64.3 thousand jobs, including almost 11.9 thousand in 2022 (an increase of 18% compared to 2021). The volume of investments has amounted to more than 884.1 billion rubles since the start of the SEZ. (50% of the plan), of which in 2022 – almost 194.4 billion rubles. (growth by 31%). Compulsory payments by residents (taxes, customs payments and insurance premiums) to the budgets of all levels amounted to more than 364.6 billion rubles.

According to the results of 2022, the Ministry of Economy recognized 7 SEZs as ineffective: 4 SEZs of the GPT, 2 TRTs and 1 SEPZ, 23 zones were effective and 14 were quite effective. This differentiation in the department is explained by the importance of the time factor and a large number of new zones deployed for the development of the economy and have not yet had time to realize their potential.

Venera Petrova

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