The Ministry of Culture has planned to recognize two barns on Solovki as monuments of history and culture


Both buildings are located in the village of Rebolda

The Ministry of Culture of Russia plans to recognize two barns built by industrialists of the Solovetsky Monastery in the 19th century as monuments of history and culture. Previously, both buildings were included in the list of identified objects of cultural heritage.

The status of monuments will be given to the Hay Barn (Barn No. 1) and the Fishing Barn (Barn No. 3) located on Bolshoy Solovetsky Island in the village of Rebolda. They will become part of the cultural heritage site of federal significance “The Ensemble of the Solovetsky Monastery and individual structures of the islands of the Solovetsky Archipelago.” The buildings were first described in the 70s by students of the Moscow Architectural Institute. Already in our time, a serious examination of the buildings was carried out, as a result of which experts established their approximate age: buildings of this type could have appeared in the fishing village in the second half of the century before last. And although they, in fact, were part of the Solovetsky architectural ensemble, they did not have a protective status.

Previously, several barns located on Seldyanoy Cape were already included in the register of Solovetsky monuments: “Barn for storing rowboats” (built in 1841), “Rigging barn” (1838), “Boulder cellar for storing fat” (1842) and “Barn for pitching ropes” (second quarter of the 19th century).

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