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Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov instructed to deal with the reduction of teachers’ salaries in Khakassia. State Duma deputy Sergei Sokol reported about the relevant complaints of teachers from several regions of the republic. At the end of August, the court will consider an administrative claim by the prosecutor’s office against the government of the region, which disputes certain provisions of the methodology for calculating the standards for payments to education workers. Mr. Sokol nominated by United Russia as a candidate for the post of head of the republic in the September elections; his main rival is the current head of the region, communist Valentin Konovalov. Senator Valery Usatyuk, who represents the executive branch of Khakassia in the Federation Council, has already called on the Prosecutor General’s Office, the TFR and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to check the facts of the “forced” collection under the appeal of teachers to Sergei Sokol.

Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergei Kravtsov and Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrey Turchak held a meeting of the All-Russian Headquarters to control the construction and overhaul of schools. During this event, the topic of teacher salaries in Khakassia came up. “Of course, we will figure it out,” Mr. Kravtsov commented on the situation. “I will talk to the Ministry of Labor. This situation needs to be corrected and changed. Teachers don’t have to suffer. The presidential decree must be carried out. In any region. Regardless of who heads the region, from which party. It is unacceptable. Especially in the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, when we say words of gratitude to our teachers. We will definitely give appropriate assessments.”

Data on the decrease in the income of teachers was given by the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Sokol, the United Russia candidate in the upcoming elections for the head of Khakassia, which has been led by communist Valentin Konovalov since 2018. “I have about 300 appeals from our teachers to reduce wages,” said Mr. Sokol. “In the Shirinsky district, the salary of teachers fell from 46,000 to 36,000. Since January, the heads of districts began to bombard the government with appeals, they also wrote to the republican ministry of education, tried to get the money. But retaliatory measures followed from the government of Khakassia: checks, inspections of the republican Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and other controlling and inspection bodies. According to the deputy, the funds for the salaries of teachers, which the government of Khakassia sends to the municipalities, “go only to loyal municipalities and who are ready to swear allegiance.”

On July 10, Deputy Sokol sent a request to the Prosecutor General’s Office about the violation of the rights of teachers in Khakassia. As Kommersant was told in the Supreme Court of Khakassia, consideration of the administrative claim of the prosecutor of the republic against the government of the region, in which certain provisions of the methodology for calculating standards for paying salaries to teachers, will begin on August 29.

The government of Khakassia, on the contrary, claims that the incomes of teachers in the republic are growing. The page of the regional Ministry of Education and Science on VKontakte provides the following data: in 2018, the average salary of a teacher in the region was 31.5 thousand rubles, in 2023 – 51.7 thousand rubles. According to official statistics, in 2022 the volume of subventions for municipalities for the salaries of school teachers amounted to 5 billion rubles, this year – 6.36 billion rubles.

“Vladimir Putin set an absolutely correct task: to expand the educational functions of teachers. Of course, this is an additional burden. Therefore, I have already decided, starting from September, to increase the salaries of teachers who perform these tasks. For these purposes, we will allocate more than 100 million rubles,” said Valentin Konovalov on August 17. According to him, the regional government will continue to change the ratio of salaries and incentive payments for teachers in order to increase their guaranteed salary. Until 2022, the ratio of salary and incentive payments was 50/50, currently it is 70/30.

However, earlier the head of Khakassia acknowledged problems with the remuneration of teachers. “Because of the system of per capita financing that has been operating in the country for more than a decade, rural teachers have problems,” said Valentin Konovalov in July at a meeting with the head of the trade union of education workers of the republic, Lyubov Barabanova. “When, for objective demographic reasons, there are fewer students in the classes and the wages are reduced. For this category of workers, we are implementing a targeted program for additional payments from the head of the region.” In August, the government of Khakassia announced the allocation of a one-time payment of 5 thousand rubles to all teachers.

Senator Valery Usatyuk, representing the executive power of the republic in the Federation Council, sent an appeal to the heads of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the TFR and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in which he asked to check the facts of the “forced” collection of signatures under the appeal of teachers to Sergei Sokol. “In the actions of the heads of the municipalities of the Ust-Abakansky, Ordzhonikidzevsky and Shirinsky districts of the Republic of Khakassia, their deputies in charge of education, heads of municipal education departments, as well as directors of schools involved in the forced collection of signatures, there are signs of a crime under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – abuse of power, ”the senator believes.

Valery Lavsky, Novosibirsk

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