The Lantern Baths x re-feel collaboration has started – Kommersant


The historical Lantern Baths (St. Petersburg), which opened after renovation, and the Russian wellness brand re-feel have teamed up: this community has developed a special sauna menu of drinks. They contain adaptogens, honey, ingredients are mixed in non-standard combinations – all this is designed to continue the bathing experience and enhance the healing effect of the procedures. Each drink performs a specific function, has a pure, natural composition and does not contain sugar.

So, coffee based on coffee latte re-feel will soften the effect of caffeine and give energy without loss of strength, and flower honey from herbs, pineapple fresh and coconut milk will add sweetness. Cocoa with mushrooms based on cocoa latte re-feel contains soothing reishi mushroom, which minimizes stress and improves sleep, and the prebiotic inulin, which improves the digestive tract. Buckwheat honey, dark kvass and cedar milk give the drink a non-standard taste. You can also try tea latte with chaga, citrus matcha with collagen.

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