The Kremlin museums are closed, the Pushkin Museum, HPP-2 and the Tretyakov Gallery work as usual


On June 24, the main museums were urgently closed due to incoming calls with the threat of mining. All messages turned out to be false. Visitors to the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin and GES-2 were asked to leave the halls in a hurry. Footage showing people leaving museums in confusion has gone viral. On the day when dramatic events unfolded in Rostov-on-Don, the Garage Museum, the Hermitage, the Melnikov House and the Kremlin Museums did not work either. Now they are all working normally again, except for the Kremlin Museums.

Moreover, the exhibition grounds and territories of the Moscow Kremlin were closed to visitors on June 23, according to the museum, not at all because of a call about mining buildings and not by order of the mayor of Moscow. There is a restoration and repair, says the press service. It is strange, however, that the planned work was not known in advance, many managed to purchase tickets, and now the Kremlin museums promise to return the funds for them and apologize for the inconvenience.

The Kremlin Museums have rearranged their opening hours months in advance. Namely: from June 19 to August 6, the main entrance to the Patriarch’s Chambers from the northern facade is closed (visitors enter the museum through the entrance from the southern facade), the Assumption Cathedral is closed to visitors on June 27 from 15:00, June 28 to 14:00. The route “Kremlin Square” is temporarily closed due to the repair of archaeological windows. The Ivan the Great Bell Tower is closed until the end of 2023.

They promise to inform about the opening of part of the territory of the Kremlin Museums. While silence.

The rest of the emergency closed museums have already resumed their work.

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