The Hermitage branch in Amsterdam finally broke with Russia


He will change his name

The largest foreign branch of the Hermitage, located in Amsterdam, severed relations with Russia in March last year, but only now its director Annabelle Birney has announced a name change and exhibition plans for the next three years, which will be carried out in partnership with museums in France, Britain and the United States . At the same time, the first project that the Dutch Museum is preparing together with the Pompidou Center will be dedicated to Wassily Kandinsky.

The Hermitage-Amsterdam will not acquire a new name, however, immediately, but from September 1 – it will be called H’ART. Until then, the museum will continue its activities under the old name. The first major exhibition dedicated to Wassily Kandinsky is scheduled for mid-2024. In 2025, H’ART plans to show an exhibition for the 750th anniversary of Amsterdam in collaboration with the Leiden Collection (one of the largest private collections of 17th-century Dutch painting), which will present 17 works by Rembrandt. And in 2026 – the project of the British Museum “Female Power”.

“We build on our experience in the international arena and are now spreading our wings. Our program will be multi-voiced, reflecting the time in which we live,” said the director of the institution, Annabelle Birney. She named the Pompidou Center (Paris), the British Museum (London) and the Smithsonian American Art Museum (Washington) as the main partners for the coming years.

The branch of the State Hermitage in Amsterdam has existed since 2009. The Hermitage-Amsterdam was an independent non-profit organization with “unrestricted rights” to display works from the St. Petersburg collection. The fate of the branch remained vague after the termination of work with Russia. But even now, despite the peppy tone of the statement, one can feel some confusion about the future of the ex-branch of the Hermitage. They will show what will turn out and what the partners will give, until the museum has formed its new face, image, direction.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 29059 dated June 29, 2023

Newspaper headline:
The Amsterdam Hermitage will change its name

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