The goalkeeping coach of the Russian national team spoke about the game of the pupil of Ivanovo football


In the 2022-2023 season, Ivanovo football alumnus Sergei Pesyakov played all matches in the first team of Rostov, playing in all matches of the championship and the Russian Cup. Thanks to the game of Sergei Pesyakov at the gate, “Rostov” took 4th place and claimed to be in the top three teams in the championship. At the end of the season, Sergei Pesyakov was among the best players in the championship and began to be called up to the Russian team.

The goalkeeper of Rostov aroused admiration for his game from the goalkeeping coach of the Russian national team, he called him to the national team, where Sergey played one full match in the team of Valery Karpin. Sergei Pesyakov did not gain a foothold in the Russian national team, but he continues to claim and fight for the title of goalkeeper No. 1.

Vitaly Kafanov spoke about the game of Sergei Pesyakov.

“It’s not easy to make a goalkeeper squeeze everything out of himself when he’s already thirty, when he’s already used to it … Here he rebounded – and you lie down, and they finish you off, you didn’t jump here, you just looked away. I didn’t know that this can be changed at thirty years old ” Kafanov said.

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