The first electric motorcycle in the country was developed by a capital company


The first electric motorcycle in Russia was presented by the scientific and engineering center of the transport industry “NAMI”. The development was named AURUS Merlon. It is planned that the start of serial production will take place at the beginning of next year.

“Today, the metropolitan automotive industry is represented by about 30 enterprises, employing over eight thousand people. Companies produce a wide range of goods, constantly expand their range, and also create new types of products,” Vladislav Ovchinsky, head of the Moscow Investment and Industrial Policy Department, said at the Innoprom International Industrial Exhibition.

He cited the example of the NAMI enterprise, which was the first in the country to develop an electric motorcycle. At the same time, the level of localization of the production of new items is 80%. At the moment, the vehicle is at the stage of experimental testing.

Body elements, external panels, a high-voltage traction battery, a power complex control system and much more were developed using the enterprise’s own facilities as part of the Unified Modular Platform project.

The electric motorcycle will work even at negative temperatures – up to minus 25 degrees. In addition, it is able to move on slippery surfaces, as well as be used with a side trailer. The development is equipped with a heated steering wheel, a touch-sensitive dashboard and other amenities. On one charge it will be possible to drive 200 km.

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