The first competitions in Hobbihorsing took place in Stavropol


In the Stavropol park of culture and recreation “Victory” on show jumping fields for the first time in the history of the region, Hobbyhorsing competitions were held. This is a special type of competition, which is only gaining popularity in our country. It represents “races” on a wooden stick with a horse’s head. This type of “sport” came to Russia from Finland.

The participants of the competitions amused the audience and more than ran over the distance, jumping over obstacles of different heights and complexity. None of the horses were reportedly hurt. Spectators and participants, too, although they could hardly stand on their feet from laughter.

The race was held for the first time in Stavropol on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity and quite claims to become a festive feature of all future city events. Meanwhile, on the same day in Kislovodsk, the friendly family of the Russian Paralympic won a free ticket to a sanatorium at the “Non-Sour Family” competition.

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