The father of Captain Rzhitsky, who was shot in Krasnodar, named the place of his son’s burial


“Everything will pass in Sevastopol”

The father of Stanislav Rzhitsky, the ex-captain of the Krasnodar submarine, who was shot dead on Monday morning, and deputy head of the mobilization department of the Krasnodar administration, said that his son’s funeral would be held in Sevastopol.

“Stanislav’s colleagues did everything,” explained Leonid Rzhitsky.

The man also clarified that he was first informed about the presence of stab wounds on his son’s body. “They called me and said that the body of a man who looked like my son had been found. I called work, they told me that my son did not come there. Then everything became clear.”

A search was carried out in Rzhitsky’s apartment and car, but it did not bring any significant results.

Recall that an unknown killer shot Rzhitsky the day before while jogging. Stanislav in the city administration served as deputy head of the department for mobilization work. Previously, he was the captain of the Krasnodar submarine, which took part in the NWO. On the Ukrainian terrorist website “Peacemaker” Rzhytsky was listed as an “enemy of Ukraine.”

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