The exchange price of AI-92 hits record values ​​for the seventh day in a row – Kommersant


The price of AI-92 gasoline in the European part of Russia at the St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange set a record for the seventh trading session in a row. Today, July 14, he rose in price by 0.53%, up to 60,574 rubles. per ton.

July 11 price AI-92 reached record for the fourth trading day in a row — 59,551 rubles per ton. July 12 she exceeded for the first time 60 thousand rubles / t.

The exchange price of fuel is rising due to lack of supply, as well as government plans to reduce the damper.

Read more in the publication “Kommersant” “Gasoline squeezes the maximum”.

Maria Fedotova

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