The director of Ivan Krasko revealed the details of his hospitalization


The director of Ivan Krasko confirmed that the actor was taken from the dacha to intensive care

The director of the actor Ivan Krasko, Vyacheslav Smorodinov, confirmed the information about the artist’s hospitalization in a St. Petersburg hospital. As Smorodinov said “Gazete.Ru”the artist became ill at the dacha, it was reported that he stopped speaking clearly and feeling his leg.

“They took him from the dacha, he became ill,” Smorodinov said. Next to Ivan Krasko was his son Fedor, whom the actor called for help. “He stopped feeling his leg, he didn’t speak very clearly,” the director specified.

According to him, the ambulance “as an exception, took me to St. Petersburg.” “He was placed in intensive care,” he said, adding that he was not yet familiar with the forecasts of doctors.

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